Reasons to hire a professional painter

Whether you want to paint the exterior or interior of your home, it can be a tiresome task especially if you lack experience. You may think DIY home painting will be more budget friendly, but when you finish the job with many errors, you will have to spend more on fixing your errors. Most people think painting is a simple job, but that is not the truth. While it may be tempting to do it yourself, hiring a pro for your painting job will give you a peace of mind and time to do other activities, and might protect carpets, trimmings and other flooring from being damaged.

Saves time

Getting a painting job done on time can be challenging if you do it yourself. After starting, you will still have to go to the paint store for the supplies you didn’t have. You can’t be able to get an accurate estimate of the time you will need to prepare and execute the project. If you hire a professional painter, you will only need to relax as they do all the preparation and painting work. As the professionals take care of the wall, you can use that time to have fun or do other things.

Saves money

Most do-it-yourself projects end up costing more than most homeowners expect. In your budget, you may underestimate some supplies or fail to include additional expenses. Moreover, there is equipment needed which you may have to buy and rarely use. When you hire a professional painter, you avoid investing in materials you will never or rarely use such as brushes, paint buckets, painter’s tape, paint trays and more. Additionally, the written estimate you get from the professionals will be the real evaluation which will see the project through.


All painting projects have safety measures that need adherence. Some hazards at the painting project site can cause injuries and even job-time losses. Doing a painting project, yourself is putting you at risk. Professional painters have proper training and knowledge on the current safety rules that limit the chances of accident occurrence. Avoid such risks by hiring a professional painter.

Ensures quality

There is a significant difference in the quality of a painting job by a professional painter compared to your painting results. Professional painters have experience in preparing the wall to have the paint last longer. Additionally, professionals have proper knowledge on the best quality products that suit your wall. They can also choose for you the colors that will make your home more appealing.

Relieves stress

Most home improvement projects are stressful but doing them yourself makes the experience more stressful. Hiring a licensed painter will ensure the job is complete on a schedule that works for you within your budget. Hire a professional and have a peace of mind about your painting project

Exterior House Painting – Factors To Consider Before Jumping In With Your Paint Brush

house paintingWhen you see there is a need to refresh the exterior paint of your home, it’s easy to jump in with your paint brush thinking that it can be done even without experience. Still, you may be asking if you should do your interior house painting or just hire a local painter do the task for you.

While some say that house painting can be a great DIY project simply because they think interior house painting is a doable task. But when it comes to exterior house painting, the job is more difficult which is why you need to consider the following factors before you decide to do the job yourself.

Do you have the time complete the paint job?

Depending on the size of your home, you will always to give yourself a clear timeframe on when you can actually finish the job. Most homeowners who paint their homes feel that they can do the task on their own, but once they started, they did not realize the time that they were spending was actually not the time they have envisioned. Thus the task becomes more gruelling and painting becomes more difficult.

Do you know what to do to prepare the surface?

An experienced painter knows what your wall needs as he will consider the temperature, humidity, and the kind of surface you have before starting on with the project. A good painter knows what products to use and what type of paint is best suited for the wall.

Can you get the job done right?

A good painter mostly knows how to do the job swiftly, with the minimal mess while being safely protected. This is very applicable to areas where they have to do detail work and their patients are tested.

Finding a qualified painting contractor should be your priority if you want your home interior to look as posh as it could be in the time frame you want it done. Don’t think that you will be spending more since a good painting contractor is always a good investment to create a quality home you deserve.

Which Room In Your Home Should You Paint First?

residential house painting woodendWhether you have just moved into a new home or you just want to have the whole house painted, you still have to decide which rooms you should start with. One common dilemma for those who are painting their homes is that they get confused about which rooms they should start with. This ends up with the project taking longer than what they originally planned for.

If you want to refresh the paint of your space, talk to your residential house painter about the most important room in your house since this will be their priority first. Most of the time, the bedrooms and bathrooms should be the first rooms that should be painted as these are the rooms that you mostly go to relax and retreat. By prioritizing these rooms, you will be able to feel at ease when the rest of the house is being decorated.

Next, should be the kitchen. Having your kitchen get that fresh paint will make you just want to cook and use the room more often. The new atmosphere will bring that new kitchen feel and enjoy the pleasure of preparing and eating food. Once you have the kitchen done, your house will start feeling more like a home.

Don’t forget the living room. This room may be the hardest room to paint because the room mostly has a lot of furniture in. You may have to remove or place the furniture in the centre to easily paint it. While it can be one of the toughest room to paint and may require time to do it, but once your painter is done with this room, you will feel more relaxed as the job is complete.

Troubleshooting While Painting the House

When you think about renovating your house, the first thing that pops to your mind is to start painting the walls. A freshly painted house is able to lift your mood and make you start your day with a smile. If you want to paint it by yourself, then you need to follow some simple steps and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Step by step

Before you start, you are going to need to cover the floor with papers. Next, you have to clean the wall if it is dirty. After that, you must also cover the plugs, windows and door frames with paper tape. In this way, you will avoid any stains. If you are going to paint the ceiling, you should take down the lights.

Problems that May Occur

While painting your house, you may encounter some problems. You don’t have to worry about them, because solutions are always available!

A problem you might come across is black spots on the wall. This means that mold shows up. Maybe they have appeared because humidity is too much. Or maybe the pipes on the wall have been damaged. If the pipes are the problem, then you need to repair them as soon as possible. After that, with a sponge you should clean the spots and use a fungal product. This product fights mold and prevents its growth. Finally, you should add a primer on the surface and use fungicidal plastic paint.

Another problem you might find is the black spots on the ceiling. What causes the problem is the same as what has been mentioned above. So you have to follow the same steps, in order to get rid of it. You can add isothermal plastic coating for extra security.

If the problem is related to the peeling of the walls, then you may not have used the right primer or maybe you have not applied a primer at all. Alternatively, you may have used bad quality of paint or a thin color layering. In order to resolve such problems or to avoid them altogether, you should place an acrylic primer on the surface and apply plastic paint.

These have been some of the problems you might come across while painting your house. It is essential to deal with them, so as to ensure that the optimal outcome is achieved. If you don’t, then you might jeopardize all the hard work you have done. So follow the instructions pointed out above and make the most of house painting!

Indulge in the Mediterranean Wonder of Cyprus


Have you been searching for an exotic island, which is super affordable and still impressive to be around? There is a destination that will fascinate you in the Mediterranean! Cyprus is the island where Aphrodite lived, according to Greek mythology. A place of warm climate and even warmer, hospitable locals! The third largest island in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire world!  

During summer, Cyprus is amazing. It is best to choose the June and July to visit the island, because humidity in August might be too much. But other than that, the place is absolutely marvelous and you can choose whether you wish to visit the mountain or the sea. There are plenty of nature trails that you can follow, in order to hike and enjoy nature’s bliss all around. You can also see agrino, which is a protected species that resembles sheep and is considered a symbol of the Republic of Cyprus. Agrino has lived in Cyprus for over 8,000 years and is found in the northernmost part of the island, in the mountains of Paphos.

For lovers of the sea, there are sandy beaches of cobalt blue waters along Protaras. From there, you may see the coastal area of ​​Famagusta with the only “dead” city of Europe, ever since 1974, when the city became uninhabited due to the invasion by the Turks.

If you enjoy the fierce sea with rocks and steep cliffs, then you should head to Akamas. This is where Caretta Caretta turtles hatch their eggs. It is located on the northwest side of the peninsula in the forest of Paphos. For history enthusiasts, the island has much more to offer. With influences from the Franks, the Venetians, the English, and finally the Ottomans, this is an island that boasts a unique cultural mix.

As for the traditional Cypriot cuisine, it is going to make you stay on the island forever! Besides the typical Mediterranean dishes and Greek cuisine classics, you should try the spectacular grilled halloumi cheese! Pasta from Paphos and the amazing koupes, as well as sheftalia and of course the liquid elixir of zivania!

So start packing your bags and schedule your trip to Cyprus. If this island is good enough for the Greek Goddess of beauty and love, what do you think will be for you? Will you agree with Aphrodite or not?

Welcome to Istanbul, the Crossroad of the East and the West

turkey instanbul


Istanbul, or else known as Constantinople, is one of the largest cities in Europe. It is located at a strategic spot, connecting the East with the West. Both Oriental and European elements are prevalent in every inch of Istanbul, making it an exceptional destination for magical holiday experiences in Turkey. Due to its great significance, many mistake Istanbul for the capital of Turkey. Although it is not the capital, it is indeed its major hub of commerce and culture.

Visiting Istanbul for a Unique Experience

As soon as you set your foot on the Turkish city, you will fall in love with its distinct nature. There is a laid-back atmosphere that takes everyone by storm. If you reside somewhere in the center, you will be able to walk to the major sights. Alternatively, you can use the Tram. Istanbul is well connected and it is walk-friendly, which is equally amazing. Hagia Sophia is an impressive Basilica from Byzantine era, turned into a mosque later after the Ottoman ruling of the city. It maintains its significance as a landmark of Christianity, though, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Opposite Hagia Sophia there is the Blue Mosque. An equally breathtaking building of devoutness, this time for the Ottomans! Blue is the prevalent color, as its name highlights. Then, there is Grand Bazaar. Nobody should visit Istanbul and not head to the bazaar, in order to enjoy great bargains and top sales. There are many souvenirs, textiles, herbs and spices for you to choose from.

Topkapi Palace is another major attraction of Istanbul. In an opulent setting, you will have the opportunity to admire some of the finest exhibits in the country and enjoy lush greenery at the blossomed gardens. Bosphorus is the natural strait that separates Europe and Asia. There are boats that allow you to discover the hidden beauty of this place, revealing its magic.

The Hippodrome of Constantinople is another great square, along with Taksim Square. Both of them are equally exciting to visit, for different reasons however. Apart from all that, you are encouraged to visit Istanbul Archaeology Museums and Beylerbeyi Palace, the New Mosque and the Walls of Constantinople, Spice Bazaar and many other highlights across the city.

Whatever you do, do not forget to have a taste of Oriental Turkish delicacies, surprising your palate in every single bite and traveling to places far away!



When you’ve decided that it’s time to paint interior of your home, and you’ve decided that you will take on this task yourself instead of hiring your local professional painting company, there are some tips that you may like to take on board.


It’s certainly extremely important to make sure your preparation is very thorough. One of the first things you need to prepare, or make a decision on, is what type of colour scheme you would like to introduce into the home. Now, you and your husband or wife or significant other may have some very different ideas on this, so it’s pretty important that you put your head’s together and make some decisions here.


I would suggest that have this stage, you start taking a look at interior design or fashion catalogues, to help inspire you to make the right decisions. You may also like to consider what your colour scheme will look like with your current furniture. Or are you actually replacing furniture along with repainting? The fact is, but there are so many colour options to choose from, but this whole process can be extremely overwhelming.


Once you have an idea on colours, I would suggest talking to your local paint store to discuss what types of paint would best suit the application for your repainting project. If you’re not very experienced with painting, I would also recommend that you talk to your local paint store about what type of tools or brushes or rollers that you may need to complete your project.


Now that you’ve got the paint and all the right of materials, it’s time to prep the home. Your work through this room by room. So once you’ve selected the room that you were going to start with, get some mates around to help you clear all furniture out of the room so you give yourself plenty of working space.


The next thing you need to do is lay out your drop sheets on the floor full stop we don’t want any spills or flickers of paint on our floor! Now to prep the surface, it would be best to get sugar soap or a similar product and thoroughly clean down your walls. You probably think now it’s time to get out your paint brushes and rollers but just hold that thought for a minute.


Hopefully you purchased some masking tape from your local paint store, now it’s time to get that out. This is a very delicate part of the process and extremely important, so make sure you take your time with this. You’ll need to use your masking tape to mask the trims of all corners of the current surface that you’re going to paint. This will allow your cutting in of the service to proceed with minimal fuss.


Now that you’ve masked the edges, you can begin your cutting in on the corners and edges of the surface. The best way to get a feel for this, is to dip your brush in the paint can roughly halfway down the bristles. Then you need to gently remove the excess paint by wiping or tapping your brush on the edge of the paint can. Now you can start painting your service, but be careful to keep the bristles and the brush several centimetres away from the corners and edges of your service at this stage. As you move the brush slowly, you’ll be able to work out how far out the edge of the painting actually is. So now you will be able to gently move the brush closer to the corner or edge, to commence cutting in.


What’s really important here is not to get too far ahead of yourself. Next car you can get your rollers out, and you’re ready to roll the wall once the cutting in has been completed.

paint brush