When you’ve decided that it’s time to paint interior of your home, and you’ve decided that you will take on this task yourself instead of hiring your local professional painting company, there are some tips that you may like to take on board.


It’s certainly extremely important to make sure your preparation is very thorough. One of the first things you need to prepare, or make a decision on, is what type of colour scheme you would like to introduce into the home. Now, you and your husband or wife or significant other may have some very different ideas on this, so it’s pretty important that you put your head’s together and make some decisions here.


I would suggest that have this stage, you start taking a look at interior design or fashion catalogues, to help inspire you to make the right decisions. You may also like to consider what your colour scheme will look like with your current furniture. Or are you actually replacing furniture along with repainting? The fact is, but there are so many colour options to choose from, but this whole process can be extremely overwhelming.


Once you have an idea on colours, I would suggest talking to your local paint store to discuss what types of paint would best suit the application for your repainting project. If you’re not very experienced with painting, I would also recommend that you talk to your local paint store about what type of tools or brushes or rollers that you may need to complete your project.


Now that you’ve got the paint and all the right of materials, it’s time to prep the home. Your work through this room by room. So once you’ve selected the room that you were going to start with, get some mates around to help you clear all furniture out of the room so you give yourself plenty of working space.


The next thing you need to do is lay out your drop sheets on the floor full stop we don’t want any spills or flickers of paint on our floor! Now to prep the surface, it would be best to get sugar soap or a similar product and thoroughly clean down your walls. You probably think now it’s time to get out your paint brushes and rollers but just hold that thought for a minute.


Hopefully you purchased some masking tape from your local paint store, now it’s time to get that out. This is a very delicate part of the process and extremely important, so make sure you take your time with this. You’ll need to use your masking tape to mask the trims of all corners of the current surface that you’re going to paint. This will allow your cutting in of the service to proceed with minimal fuss.


Now that you’ve masked the edges, you can begin your cutting in on the corners and edges of the surface. The best way to get a feel for this, is to dip your brush in the paint can roughly halfway down the bristles. Then you need to gently remove the excess paint by wiping or tapping your brush on the edge of the paint can. Now you can start painting your service, but be careful to keep the bristles and the brush several centimetres away from the corners and edges of your service at this stage. As you move the brush slowly, you’ll be able to work out how far out the edge of the painting actually is. So now you will be able to gently move the brush closer to the corner or edge, to commence cutting in.


What’s really important here is not to get too far ahead of yourself. Next car you can get your rollers out, and you’re ready to roll the wall once the cutting in has been completed.

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