Which Room In Your Home Should You Paint First?

residential house painting woodendWhether you have just moved into a new home or you just want to have the whole house painted, you still have to decide which rooms you should start with. One common dilemma for those who are painting their homes is that they get confused about which rooms they should start with. This ends up with the project taking longer than what they originally planned for.

If you want to refresh the paint of your space, talk to your residential house painter about the most important room in your house since this will be their priority first. Most of the time, the bedrooms and bathrooms should be the first rooms that should be painted as these are the rooms that you mostly go to relax and retreat. By prioritizing these rooms, you will be able to feel at ease when the rest of the house is being decorated.

Next, should be the kitchen. Having your kitchen get that fresh paint will make you just want to cook and use the room more often. The new atmosphere will bring that new kitchen feel and enjoy the pleasure of preparing and eating food. Once you have the kitchen done, your house will start feeling more like a home.

Don’t forget the living room. This room may be the hardest room to paint because the room mostly has a lot of furniture in. You may have to remove or place the furniture in the centre to easily paint it. While it can be one of the toughest room to paint and may require time to do it, but once your painter is done with this room, you will feel more relaxed as the job is complete.

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