Troubleshooting While Painting the House

When you think about renovating your house, the first thing that pops to your mind is to start painting the walls. A freshly painted house is able to lift your mood and make you start your day with a smile. If you want to paint it by yourself, then you need to follow some simple steps and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Step by step

Before you start, you are going to need to cover the floor with papers. Next, you have to clean the wall if it is dirty. After that, you must also cover the plugs, windows and door frames with paper tape. In this way, you will avoid any stains. If you are going to paint the ceiling, you should take down the lights.

Problems that May Occur

While painting your house, you may encounter some problems. You don’t have to worry about them, because solutions are always available!

A problem you might come across is black spots on the wall. This means that mold shows up. Maybe they have appeared because humidity is too much. Or maybe the pipes on the wall have been damaged. If the pipes are the problem, then you need to repair them as soon as possible. After that, with a sponge you should clean the spots and use a fungal product. This product fights mold and prevents its growth. Finally, you should add a primer on the surface and use fungicidal plastic paint.

Another problem you might find is the black spots on the ceiling. What causes the problem is the same as what has been mentioned above. So you have to follow the same steps, in order to get rid of it. You can add isothermal plastic coating for extra security.

If the problem is related to the peeling of the walls, then you may not have used the right primer or maybe you have not applied a primer at all. Alternatively, you may have used bad quality of paint or a thin color layering. In order to resolve such problems or to avoid them altogether, you should place an acrylic primer on the surface and apply plastic paint.

These have been some of the problems you might come across while painting your house. It is essential to deal with them, so as to ensure that the optimal outcome is achieved. If you don’t, then you might jeopardize all the hard work you have done. So follow the instructions pointed out above and make the most of house painting!

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